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Week Beginning 22nd June

Please find the overview and resources for the 'Week Begin. 22nd June' which are below this message.

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Miss Whittaker

Download this file (T4W Year 3.pdf)Talk for Writing Booklet. Journey to the jungle Year 3[This booklet continues to provide English, comprehension and SPaG for this week. Check the overview to see which daily task you need to complete]2313 kB
Download this file (Y3 Week 8 Alternative Plan.pdf)White Rose Video links[Click on the link to access the daily White Rose lesson]19 kB
Download this file (Lesson 1 - Add lengths 2019.pdf)White Rose Worksheets[Lesson 1 Add lengths]1954 kB
Download this file (Lesson 1 Answers - Add lengths 2019.pdf)White Rose Answers[Lesson 1]2281 kB
Download this file (Lesson 2 - Subtract lengths 2019.pdf)White Rose Worksheets[Lesson 2 Subtract lengths]1165 kB
Download this file (Lesson 2 Answers - Subtract lengths 2019.pdf)White Rose Answers[Lesson 2]1520 kB
Download this file (Lesson 3 - Measure perimeter 2019.pdf)White Rose Worksheets[Lesson 3 Measure perimeter]992 kB
Download this file (Lesson 3 Answers - Measure perimeter 2019.pdf)White Rose Answers[Lesson 3]1343 kB
Download this file (Lesson 4 - Calculate perimeter 2019.pdf)White Rose Worksheets[Lesson 4 Calculate perimeter]807 kB
Download this file (Lesson 4 Answers - Calculate perimeter 2019.pdf)White Rose Answers[Lesson 4]1249 kB
Download this file (Year 3 Lesson 4 (opaque, translucent, transparent) FINAL.pptx)Science PP Lesson 4 Identify opaque, translucent and transparent materials[Parent information is on the 1st slide. Please either work from the slide and answer in your books or print out the page to fill in if you wish]13276 kB
Download this file (Notan Art.pdf)Notan Inspired Art[Use the video links to create your own Notan inspired art ]177 kB
Access this URL (https://www.youthsporttrust.org/national-school-sport-week-home)National Sports week[Sports day activities for you to try at home]0.3 kB
Download this file (Home Learning Overview 22nd - 27th June.docx)Home Learning Overview for Juniper Class[Overview and explanation of Home Learning Tasks for 22nd June until 26th June]889 kB