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Fortnight Beginning 4th May


Hello Oak Class!

The overview and resources for the next two weeks are attached below. Please open the overview first and then you will be able to open the other resources as needed. 

Remember to keep up with reading regularly and practising timestables. 

I hope you are taking good care of the seeds you planted in the last 2 weeks - they should have germinated by now.  If you've not planted seeds yet it would still be good to do this as you can watch the plant grow, develop flowers and then see the seeds/fruit with seeds. I'd love to see a photo of any work or fun activities that you've been doing at home so feel free to email these to me.

If you need help or have any questions, please email me at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Stay safe everyone.  Happy Learning!

Mrs Blake

Download this file (VE Day Activities.docx)VE Activities [List of suggested activities to help you celebrate VE Day at home]1373 kB
Download this file (VE Day Information PowerPoint.ppt)VE PowerPoint[Use this PowerPoint to learn more about VE Day and how it was celebrated]]7991 kB
Download this file (VE Day Links to websites and videos.docx)VE links to websites[Use these websites and videos to learn more about VE Day and how it was celebrated]2017 kB
Download this file (VE Day Primary Sources Activity sentence changed.docx)VE Primary Sources activity[Read the information & look at the three primary sources, then compare them using the table]636 kB
Download this file (Science At Home Work For 4-15th May.docx)Science[Explanation of the Science Home Learning Task]214 kB
Download this file (Science Information PowerPoint.ppt)Science PowerPoint[Science Investigation PowerPoint: What do plants need to grow well? 4th - 15th May]4287 kB
Download this file (Activity Sheet Investigation Planner Editable.doc)Science Activity sheet[Activity sheet to accompany the Science Home Learning]]4547 kB
Download this file (Activity Sheet Recording Results Editable.doc)Science Recording Sheet[Activity sheet to accompany the Science Home Learning]]2153 kB
Download this file (Union Jack Bunting Template.pdf)VE bunting[Union Jack Template]84 kB
Download this file (Comprehension VE Day LA - Text, Questions and Answers.pdf)Comprehension Task[VE comprehension questions and answers]870 kB
Download this file (Diary Planning Sheet.docx)Diary Planning[use this to plan your VE diary entry]36 kB
Download this file (061_Thank_you.pdf)Thank you[work booklet linking to English, SPaG and comprehension]396 kB
Download this file (Y4 OAK HLO 4th to 15th May (1) (1).docx)Y4 Home Learning Overview 4th-15th May[This overview outlines and explains the learning for two weeks 4th-15th May. Look at this and then open the resources you need.]123 kB