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General Information

These resources are general resources that you can access at any time. 

There are lots of extra ideas and activities to try.

Download this file (Extra Practcie Zone Parent Booklet.pdf)Extra Practice Zone Parent Booklet[A booklet that explains how your child can access Year 4 spelling activities]3631 kB
Download this file (Learning Links for Home schooling.docx)Learning Links for Home Learning[A variety of learning links for you to try]13 kB
Download this file (Maths for everyone.docx)Maths Learning At home[Extra maths for everyone from EYFS to Y6]373 kB
Download this file (Primary Health and Wellbeing Challenges (1).docx)Primary Health and Well-being Challenges[Ideas for overall well-being.]87 kB
Download this file (Helping With Spelling At Home.docx)Ways To Support Spelling At Home[Information on using 'Sir Linkalot Spelling' videos and app and the RWI Extra Spelling Zone Activities and E-Books]348 kB
Download this file (Summer Reading Challenge  Letter.pdf)Summer Reading Challenge 2020[[Information on this year's digital Summer Reading Challenge and details of how to sign up]]209 kB