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School Policies

All the policies below are in PDF format. 

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Date in brackets denotes the Policy's last update.

Accessibility Plan
(May 2018)

Anti-Bullying Policy (June 2020

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy (June 2020)

Asbestos Management Plan (November 2019)

Attendance Policy (June 2016)

BACS Policy (March 2019)

Behaviour Policy (November 2018)

        Statement of Behaviour Principles (June 2019)

        Additions to Behaviour Policy during Covid19.pdf (June 2020)

Business Continuity Plan (April 2020)

CCTV Policy (November 2020)

Charging Policy (March 2020)

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (November 2019)

Collective Worship Policy (December 2014)

Complaints Policy (June 2019)

Coronavirus Policy (June 2020)

Curriculum Policy (February 2016)

Dealing with Unreasonable Complaints (March 2016)

Drugs Education Policy (December 2014)

E-Safety Policy (November 2019)

Early Years Foundation Stage & Outdoor Provision Policy (June 2016)

English Policy (June 2016)

Equal Opportunities Policy and Equality Information and Objectives (June 2020)

Financial Procedures Manual (April 2020)

Forest School Policy (July 2018)

Freedom of Information Policy (March 2020)

GDPR Breech Management and Response Policy and Procedure (September 2018)

GDPR Data Processing Agreement (September 2018)

GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment Policy and Procedure (September 2018)

GDPR Data Protection Policy (September 2018)

GDPR Data Subject Access Request Policy and Procedure (September 2018)

Gifts and Hospitality Policy (April 2020)

Governing Board Code of Conduct (November 2019)

Governor Visits to School Policy (June 2020)

Guided Reading Policy (May 2016)

Head Lice Policy (February 2016)

Health and Safety Policy (May 2020)

Home School Agreement (June 2020)

Humanities Policy (July 2018)

ICT Security Policy for Schools (March 2020)

Lettings Policy (March 2020)

Looked After Children Policy (November 2018)

Managing Allegations of Abuse by Staff Statement (December 2018)

Missing Child Policy and Procedure (March 2020)

Outdoor Learning Policy (May 2016)

Parent Forum Policy (June 2016)

Parents Guidance on Infection Control in Schools (August 2019)

Physical Restraint Policy (November 2018)

Pupil Premium Policy (March 2014)

Records Management Policy (April 2020)

Recovery of Unpaid Dinner Monies Policy (October 2020)

Safer Recruitment Policy (July 2018)

School Council Policy (June 2020)

School Uniform Policy (November 2018)

Science Policy (June 2020)

Sex and Relationship Education Policy (July 2017)

Site Security Policy (May 2020)

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy (November 2019)

Sun Safety Policy (June 2020)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy (November 2018)

Whistleblowing Protocol (March 2020)

Young Carer Policy (November 2018)