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Monday 30th March 2020 - Hello, I hope you have had a nice weekend and are keeping safe and well at home.

Part of our sicence topic includes how mixtures are separted and the different processes used to achive this. I have uploaded a power point presentation that goes through the different methods of separtaing and the types of mixtures you would use each one for. Go through this to learn about it. There is then a sepating mixtures sorting activity to do afterwards. This can be printed out and done on the sheet or you can draw the table onto paper and fill in the boxes with the correct answers. 

Kind Reagrds,

Miss Ingram :) 


Thursday 26th March - White Rose maths is an excellent online resource. As we use it  in school reguarly, the children are familiar with the types of questions and activities.

White Rose have created a set of at home lessons and activities, which you can access for free. Each week they will be uploading a set of 5 lessons suitable for each year group. There is a video to watch then a set of activities for your child to complete, taking 20-30 minutes. They recommend your child works through one activity a day. To access this excellent resource, click on the link below. Find Year 5 and click on the tab. This will take you to this week's set of lessons. I hope you are all well and staying safe, Miss Ingram :)


Wednesday 25th March - English LIVE! - At 11am this morning, there will be a live english lesson on William Shakespare streamed on the facebook page English with Holly. If you use facebook and are happy for your child to access this through your account, it links with our English theme for this half term - William Shakespeare! 

Miss Ingram :) 



Download this file (Great Spanish challenge - primary spanish years 5and 6.docx)Great Spanish challenge - primary spanish years 5and 6.docx[Spanish Challenge from MH]15 kB