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Hello Maple!

In the "At Home Work" section (on the left!) you will see I have uploaded some extra activities and ideas. There are now two science activities (the second one is explained below). We also have a Twitter account if you want to follow us for extra ideas and resources @Maple_BV. If you have a specific question or need a reply from me, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have also made a short video to help the Y6s with the long division in their Home Learning Packs. I know how tricky it is!
Part of our science topic includes how mixtures are separated and the different processes used to achieve this. I have uploaded a Power Point presentation that goes through the different methods of separating and the types of mixtures you would use each one for. Go through this to learn about it. There is then a separating mixtures sorting activity to do afterwards. This can be printed out and done on the sheet or you can draw the table onto paper and fill in the boxes with the correct answers.
Stay safe, wash your hands and stay at home! Hopefully, we will be back together soon.
Mr. Payne