Curriculum Intent, Implementation and the Impact

Our curriculum has a clear purpose and is focused around excitement and love for learning. We aim to ensure that learning is bespoke to the needs of our learners and demonstrates a strong understanding about specific needs to succeed in life.

What are we trying to achieve?

Intention 1: Develop our pupil’s learning
To develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum and beyond, so that children can flourish, reach and exceed their potential academically, physically and artistically.

Intention 2: Develop the character of our learners
To develop learners to have a holistic set of values that prepares them for life in the modern world in a diverse and ever-changing community and work place.

Intention 3: Develop behaviours and habits to become effective learners
To develop the behaviours, learners need to succeed in the world such as concentration, perseverance, imagination, co-operation, the enjoyment of learning, self-improvement and curiosity.

Intention 4: Develop the moral compass of our learners
To understand their place in society, develop social skills, build a firm set of personal morals, and to engage in the community they live in and understand the cultures of others.


How will this be delivered?

Our curriculum will be implemented through the intentions above. We will think about what we learn, who we are when we are learning, how we act when we learn and who we are in the world. We develop as learners to become happy, resilient and successful citizens of the wider world.

At Buckton Vale Primary School we use the National Curriculum as a starting point. At the heart of this learners are being exposed to quality experiences and lessons. Learning opportunities are used to enable learners to become immersed in their own learning. Visits and enrichment clubs allow children even greater opportunities to find and develop their individual interests and personal talents. Buckton Vale invites visitors into school to help deepen experiences.

What will be the impact and how do we measure it?

The teacher mind set places the child back at the centre of curriculum and makes teachers think

"What will the experience be for the learner and how can we make the absolute most of each element?"

We believe our curriculum is beginning to produce learners who must and can, think for themselves, be resilient and face challenges with strategies to overcome and progress.
Our learners will be motivated by a strong personal sense of morality. They will make decisions for the right reasons and in the best interests of their community. They will be able to decide what is right and what is wrong, and will be resilient to the influence of others. They will go out into the world and make a difference in their own life and to others.
Our learners will be the owners of their own destinies.